Collecting client email addresses

I am often asked is there a “best practice” for collecting email addresses.  Here’s my suggestions…

1.  Make it a requirement. Require that EVERY time a customer record is looked at in your contact management system, that the email address is looked at and verified; e.g., “Mr. Dorgan, we show your email address to be, is that still your preferred email address?”

2.  Quality check. Advise your staff that once a month you will be doing a Quality Review.  Then do just that.  Look at the last 10 contacts of each staff member and see if there is an email address in record.  If there’s not an email address, then there must be a comment made that the customer was asked but either didn’t want to provide or does not have one.  Then review the results with each staff.  This lets them know you are serious about the requirement.

Might also want to consder an initial incentive; e.g., 50 cents an email address for the next 30 days.  Or even make it a contest.  An incentive can help to make it a habit.