How to find your clients on Facebook using their email address

  1. Create a spreadsheet of all your email addresses.  The spreadsheet should only contain a column for email addresses.  Remove all other columns.
  2. Save your spreadsheet as a “.csv” file (choose “file”, then “save as” and select the .csv file format).
  3. Log into Facebook.
  4. Select “Friends” beneath your profile picture.
  5. Select “Find Friends”.
  6. Select “Other Tools” –“Find Friends”
  7. Select “Choose File”.  Go to the email list file you saved on your computer.
  8. Select “Upload Contacts”.  Facebook will display the pictures and names of all Facebook accounts associated with the email address you uploaded.  Note:  Some of your clients may be using other email addresses for their Facebook accounts.
  9. To keep a record of these, open a text document or a blank Word document.  Note:  a text document is needed for step 12.  If you don’t know what a text document is, search your computer for all files ending in “.txt”.  Open one of them up and select “file” then “new” to have a blank text document.
  10. Go to your Facebook display of friends found.  Take your mouse and begin at the first friend, hold your left mouse click down and scroll through all of your friends.  With all of your friends highlighted, on your keyboard select “Control” and the letter “c” (this is the “copy” command”).
  11. Now to go to your text document and “paste”:  “Control” and the letter “v” or use the menu options at the top of the text document and select paste.
  12. To save these into a spreadsheet (open a new spreadsheet and select “data” then select “import” and select “text”.)  Now cleanup all data except the email addresses.  You now have an email list of all clients who have Facebook accounts.