Using Social Media

Q & A from Webinar “Using Social Media in your Insurance Agency”

Q:  What type of content do you typically share and where do you get it from?

A:  For the insurance agent Facebook pages that I manage, I share things I think insurance consumers (especially their clients) would be interested in knowing.  For example, “how to recover from a lost wallet…  best thing is to be prepared ‘before’ you lose your wallet’.  Then I link to a great article I found on a website providing information on listing your cards, bank contact info, etc.  Then I make a comment that we have a great “identify theft protection product”.

As for getting content, I follow a number of businesses and organization on Facebook.  As an example, here are some Facebook pages and websites to follow/monitor.  I also suggest becoming fans of insurance carriers.  When I see a good Facebook post from these organizations, I share it on my pages.

Q:  How much time a week do you spend updating your page?

A:  On average I try to post every other day.  For an individual business page, I spend about a ½ hour per week.

Q:  So how do you convert my personal page to a business page?

A:  Beginning this past March, Facebook provided a process to allow you to convert a personal page to a business page.  Facebook’s Help Center provides information on how to do this:

Q:  Does LinkedIn have Business and Business + pages?  Or only Business Plus for $50/mo?  Can the linking app link a LI business page to FB Business page?

A:  First, every business should be on LinkedIn.  You can have a free LinkedIn account or upgrade for additional functionality.  Here’s a link showing the differences/options:

Q:  Does a business page have to be associated with my personal page?

A:   No, if you don’t have a personal Facebook page, you can create a business account :

Q:  How do we set up a business page?  It seems confusing.

A:  Here’s the link to start creating your business page:

There are a number of resources to walk you through the process.  For example, go to Google or YouTube and search “how to create a Facebook business page?”.

Q:  How do you get a welcome page and set up the like box?

A:  The Welcome page, Get a Quote page, etc. are Facebook “applications”.  The coding language Facebook recognizes is called “iframe”.  There are a number of iframe tools available, both free and paid, to allow you to build applications which then display as pages.  Here’s a free one that is very popular:

Note:  I will show how this work in the Part Two webinar.

Q:  I currently use my personal page along-side my job’s insurance page how to I separate the two?

A:  As long as they were setup correctly, they are separated.

Q:  Can you add an employee to the page and identify them as an employee on the business page?

A:  There are not any specific fields on the business information page for identifying employees, however you can add their information into the “general information” section.  You could also create a page and title it “About Us” , similar to what you might do on a website.

Q:  How do you have the time to do all this?  I have trouble managing selling and then some service to my clients in 10 hours a day.  Do you have to hire someone to help on this?

A:  You have to devote the time, assign it to someone, or outsource it (to someone like me!).

Q:  What is a secret group?

A:  There are 3 types of Facebook groups:

Open – anyone on Facebook can see all of the content of the group; e.g., the members and all posts.

Closed – anyone of Facebook can search the group and view the members, but cannot see the posts.

Secret – only members of the group can find it on Facebook, see the members, and view the posts.

Q:  Can you invite anybody to your business page or do they have to be friends?

A:  Anyone can be invited to your business page by sending them a link to your page; e.g.,

Q:  I tried to set up a business page with Facebook and Facebook said it was not allowed?  Am i doing something wrong?

A:  Hard to say.  Facebook has an extensive Help section:

Q:  Is it a good idea to promote the business on personal pages–in an attempt to prospect new leads

A:  You certainly can…in moderation.  For example, I might post on my personal page (and I have), “I would be honored to have you ‘like’ my business page:

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Q:  Kevin – can you email me the directions to link my business page to my profile page?  Thanks.

A:  Here’s an explanation:

Q:  How do you separate the Personal Page from the business page?

A:  As long as you have both types of pages, they are separated.

Q:  Do you have to have a separate email address for your FB business page?

A:  No.  Whatever email address you used for your personal Facebook account will allow you to access your business page.

Q:  I will be the administrator for our company’s page but m y boss has the same login for both his personal and business.  How does he make it so there is a separate login/password for our business page without me having access to his personal page?

A:  If you are a “fan” of the page, all he has to do is go to his fan list, find your name, and click the “Make Admin” button.  Or he can go to “edit page” on the top right of the business page, then select “Manage Admins” on the left and add your email address.

Q:  Is a business page separate from just a normal page?  If so, do business pages have additional costs?

A:  Yes they are separate.  There are Facebook personal pages and business pages.  There is not a cost for setting up a business page

Q:  so is it best to keep a separate business page from personal?

A:  Facebook requires you to do so unless you are a public figure.

Q:  Referring to the settings that allow you to post on your business page as an individual vs the business: is it possible to have more than one individual that can post independently? Ex. we have 3 people in our office that would like to be able to post on the business page

A:  yes, just make them admins of the page.

Q:  What other ways can you promote your Business page other than email lists?

A:  Here’s some ideas:

  • Adding Facebook “social plug-ins” to your website (see link below).
  • Putting the Facebook logo on your email signature and linking it to your business page.
  • Putting a flyer in your office with the Facebook logo and display your Facebook web address.
  • Inviting your personal friends to like your page.

Q:  Which of the different social media seems to be most effective in your experience?

A:   If the goal is to fish where the fish are, then no doubt it’s Facebook.   It’s the most popular and most populated.